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1st Class Honours Degree Law

5 years of study, disappointments, harsh lessons, all-nighters, but an unbelievable amount of resolution gave me the grade I worked hard for. Sacrificing everything for tomorrow.

Early Studies

I came away from school with very modest grades and went onto college and completely failed every subject. After bouncing from job to job in relatively unskilled sectors, I knew I had to go back to education to better my future career. Your grades will not be determined by your past grades or how "intelligent" you are, your grades will reflect the effort you put into studying. 

New Horizons

Having completed my degree, nothing is complete. I will continue to study and learn and will continue to inspire others to learn, The Student Motivator represents every person who chooses to learn. You don't have to be enrolled on any course to be a student. If you choose to learn YOU ARE A STUDENT.